What is FIPV?
Time : 2023-06-16

Feline Infectious peritonitis Peritonitis is a chronic, progressive and fatal infectious disease caused by feline infectious peritonitis virus, characterized by peritonitis, massive ascites accumulation and high fatality rate.1 Epidemic characteristics Feline infectious peritonitis virus mainly infects cats between 0.5 and 5 years old, and cats under 12 months of age are more susceptible, mainly purebred cats, multi-cat mixed cats and stray cats More susceptible. The course of the disease may be sudden (often occurring in young cats) or slow and lasting several weeks. [1]

Cats carry the coronavirus throughout their lives and may develop the disease when their general fitness is reduced. Coronaviruses are thought to be contagious. Coronavirus in cats can be detoxicated by feces and transmitted to cohabiting cats through oral and nasal infection; A few can be transmitted by mechanical means such as clothing, dishes, bedding, people or insects. Feline peritonitis develops when the coronavirus mutates, leaves the gut, invades other organs, and inflames them

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