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GS441524 Safe Delivery GS-441524 Liquid for cat fipv 6ml 8ml 10ml
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Product Description

Product Description

Model NO.
Transport Package
40mg/pill, 10pills/package
Production Capacity


It is suitable for symptoms such as loss of appetite, listlessness, fever, ascites, pleural effusion, lymphatic enlargement, inflammatory granuloma, nerve damage, uveitis and other symptoms caused by cat infectious peritonitis.

Storage conditions
Constant temperature refrigeration, sealed and protected from light


25mg, 40mg ,50mg , 60mg /tablets, 10 tablets/bag
20mg/ml, 30mg/ml : 6ml  7ml  8ml 10ml  10bottle/box

1 year

Usage Subcutaneous injection Treatment performance
1. The effect of fever 12-36 subsided
2. Ascites subside within 1-2 weeks after medication
3. Significant improvement in spirit, take the initiative to eat
4. Difficulty breathing, pleural effusion symptoms subside within 1-2 weeks
5. Jaundice will subside in 2-4 weeks Precautions
1. The nutrient solution (inhibitor) is still in the experimental stage, and individual animals are purely different. The specific effects vary depending on the individual's immunity.
2. After injection, the injection site may be more painful, and the pain lasts for 0.2-2 hours.
3. Improper injection may cause skin ulceration and subcutaneous swelling. It is necessary to confirm that there is no leakage during subcutaneous injection to avoid skin damage

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